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Natural Douglas Fir Toys of Wood

6-Piece Burr (FYI: it is a puzzle; pattern 305)

These Burrs are made from Douglas Fir grown right here in the South Hills of Eugene.

Each of the six pieces are 3" x 1" (assembled ~= 3" x 3"), lightly sanded, no finish, no chemicals.

They are a clever gift for the hands and mind (a de-stressing phone break).

"An instant smile."

December Special!

Great Christmas gift!!  or IQ gift test for Grads!

6-Piece Burr (puzzle pattern 305): $10.00

Now available at Eugene area vendors!


Baily Hill Market

3190 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
(on the check out counter at the Deli register)
BTW also check out our small bundled kindling/firewood right above the Presto logs

Postal Stop

3003 W. 11th Ave., Eugene, OR 97405
(on the table before the right front register)


Burr 305 Solution video at You Tube = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aatzfawEzJU


Text your request/inquiries to 541-735-8360

limited production/supply (for green/sustainability)

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal




Our mill is often running and loud ---> texting is BEST

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Production Line photos below: